LUCIFER’S CHILD / MYSTIFIER: Pre-listening of “Under Satan’s Wrath” split release – 2022

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The Greek Black Metallers LUCIFER’S CHID have organized a small event for the pre-listening of their upcoming split with the Brazilian Black Metallers MYSTIFIER, entitled “Under Satan’s Wrath”. The web magazine THEGALLERY.GR was in a happy position to take part at this, supporting the new work of the two bands!

The event took place at Pentagram Studios of Athens, belonging to George Emmanuel, founder of LUCIFER’S CHID. Firstly I had to listen to the split release and afterwards to meet up with the members of the band. It is also important to say that each band recorded their own songs while George Emmanuel was the one who mastered the whole split, giving us the final result.

Before talking about the split itself, it is important to mention that the main idea behind it, came by George who met Armando of MYSTIFIER on his tour with ROTTING CHRIST along with INQUISITION back in the days. At the beginning, the idea was not to release a whole split ep but something sorter like a 7” vinyl, driven mainly by “romanticism”. We should be happy now, since this idea was left behind and a full split ep with three songs of each band is going to be released!

Now, let’s get into business! Firstly comes the side of the Brazilian Black Metallers MYSTIFIER with three new songs, one of them being a cover version of SAMAEL’s classic “Worship Him”. Their new compositions have strong the essence of their previous albums but also some Death Metal elements can be found, mixed with the primal Brazilian Black Metal sound. Parts of their songs are more melodic and other parts are slower and heavy driven, creating something more experimental in a way, with the Brazilians not being afraid to bring different elements in their sound. However, they keep on being what they always were! On the other hand, LUCIFER’S CHILD with their songs, unleash total aggression calling the Black Metalheads to headbang, from start to finish! They have also composed two brand new songs and a cover version of the legendary “Enter The Eternal Fire” of BATHORY. The band itself had previously talked about its new releases, being more aggressive and furious because of the whole pandemic situation and I can easily say that they were totally wright! With elements of their previous work “The Order” but also including some new ones, this release gives us a taste of LUCIFER’S CHILD’s upcoming full length album. The bands had also this really innovative idea to “exchange” their vocalists for the cover songs, which was truly a refreshment, making the covers more interesting to listen to and also giving us an idea of how it would be if these songs were recorded in this time period.

When the pre-listening session was done, the night continued with a conversation with the members of the band and I can fairly say that these guys make a really amazing company. As strong is their music, so strong is the band itself as a total, persons always true to themselves, a very important thing nowadays.

We are also reminding you that “Under Satan’s Wrath” is scheduled to be released on the 25th of March in digital and physical format (cd and vinyl). You can also listen to the -already released- tracks of this new creation. I’m talking about LUCIFER’S CHILD’S “Satan’s Wrath” and MYSTIFIER’S “Death Beyond Holy Creation”! Those songs will give you a taste of what is going to come.

Text: Stefanos Prodromidis
Photographs: Stefanos Prodromidis
Cover Artwork:  Alexandros Soultatos
Design & Editing: Alexandros Soultatos
Date: 16th February, 2022
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