Wade Black’s Astronomica – The Awakening

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Year: 2024
Total Time: 55.12
Label: Rock of Angels Records

The dedicated fans of the legendary but also problematic Prog/Power Metallers CRIMSON GLORY who made a sensation in the late 80’s and early 90’s, will remember that in 1999 they released their controversial fourth and last album, “Astronomica” after several back and forth. On that album, Wade Black, a tireless heavy metal worker was their frontman.

Wade Black’s latest project is ASTRONOMICA, with a name (and artwork) obviously influenced by his participation in that CRIMSON GLORY album. But this is where the similarities on every level stop. Black doesn’t revisit his prog/power past with CRIMSON GLORY but sticks to what he knows better, namely a heavy metal approach of a clear old school aesthetic. In almost an hour, ASTRONOMICA offer us a heavy metal creation, without much inspiration and originality, that is nevertheless well crafted and what really stands out are some excellent guitar solos by Rich Marks (WAR OF THRONES). Black’s vocals sound to my ears somewhat too old school and overly “made” in the studio. In March, ASTRONOMICA did a big tour in Greece with stops in Ptolemaida Agrinio, Larissa, etc. It would have been interesting to hear how they sounded live.

To sum up, this album is a work that is pleasant to someone’s ears for a first or a second listening and then it can take its place on a shelf or in the back of the spotify library. The only reason Black decided to make such direct references to CRIMSON GLORY is probably for the sake of fame and in order to let everybody know that there is a new band in town since I don’t see any other similarities. Maybe in some future work …we’ll see!

Rating: 6,5/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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  1. Rich Marks

    Thank you for the nice words about my solos !

    1. Kostas B.

      They were really good!!! I loved them!! Congrats!

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