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My name is Giannis and, with the precious collaboration of Chrysa Antoniadi (plus other editors of THEGALLERY.GR), we will share with you our personal point of view and, at the same time, give you objective information that a thorough research can gather, on subjects regarding the 7th art.
Based on a movie, a series, a mini series or a soundtrack, we will try each time to focus on points about the feeling, the relation of image and music, the correlation between the artistic intention and the final product, In general, we will try to point out every important aspect with the intention to cause a deep reflection and converse with the column readers.
We are eager to know each other better through our discussions, whether we agree or disagree. We wish you to enjoy yourselves!

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Heavy Metal (1981): The Αnimation Movie

Writing for about cinema and its cultural side effects, can be a full-time brain-bug. There are countless movies that are important, there are even more viewer’s favorites, groundbreaking and radical filmic endeavors, experimental shorts and charming classics. But how…