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Angra – Brazilian Cycles Of Power

A few days before the long anticipated show of the historic Brazilian Power Metal band ANGRA, on March 20th, 2024 in Athens, THE GALLERY had the opportunity to talk to the band’s bassist Felipe Andreoli, both about their upcoming appearance in Greece, as well as some important milestones in their multi-year career! – Hello Felipe!! […]

Heaven Shall Burn – Athens Shall Burn!

Heaven Shall Burn. A German band that has been serving the extreme sound since 1998. Having a continuously rising career throughout the years and an enviable discography with nine full-length albums, they now appear as headliners at the biggest metal festivals around the world! On the occasion of their presence at this year’s Release Festival […]

Black Reuss – The River Of Life

BLACK REUSS is a unique band of Gothic/Doom Metal genre. The special characteristic though is the fact that it is actually a one man project, since Maurizio Dottores does everything (apart from drums). Another special thing about BLACK REUSS is the four-album concept regarding the journey of life. Until now, the band has released two […]

Tsjuder – Emissaries From Hell

Nowadays, there are a few Norwegian Black Metal bands that keep their sound raw, without using keyboards and melodies. A perfect example of that is TSJUDER, who have never followed any trend and still remain brutal and loyal to the Black Metal principles! On the 23rd of June TSJUDER are going to release their new […]

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Evil Angels

Title: Bitter Moon/ Evil AngelsAuthor: Pascal Bruckner Year: 1981 Publication: Grove Press Paschal Bruckner is a French author, who was born in 1948 in Paris. His work as an author started to be known between 1970 and 1980, first in France and not much later, in other Countries. He is a very significant figure in […]