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Title: Norse Mythology
Author: Neil Gaiman
Year: 2017
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Neil Gaiman is a British writer, screenwriter and producer. Born in England in 1960, he began his career as a journalist and comics writer. He has written many novels, comics, screenplays for films and television series, as well as children’s books. Gaiman gained international recognition for his works such as “Sandman”, “American Gods”, “Stardust” and “Coraline”. He has been awarded many times, including the Hugo, Bram Stoker and Nebula awards. He is an excellent storyteller, known for his ability to weave magic through words. This time he takes readers on a fascinating journey into the world of Norse mythology in his book aptly titled ‘Norse Mythology’. It was published in February 2017 and got translated in Greek in November of the same year by Thomas Mastakouris.

The book draws inspiration from the rich Norse mythology, which includes a collection of stories about gods, giants and mythical creatures that have influenced the northern lands for centuries. The author’s skillful writing and deep understanding of the subject he deals with are at the fore in each story, making the book a must for anyone who wants to understand and appreciate the depths of Norse mythology.

One of the book’s greatest strengths lies in Gaiman’s ability to retain the essence and authenticity of the original myths while infusing them with his unique storytelling style. He effortlessly breathes new life into these centuries-old stories, making them accessible to modern readers without diminishing their richness and complexity. Each story is carefully chosen and gracefully adapted, showing Gaiman’s love and respect for the source material.

Gaiman’s characterizations of the deities are extremely apt. From the fierce and courageous Thor to the cunning and mysterious Loki, these gods come to life on the pages, transcending the boundaries of mere mythical figures to become fully developed individuals with distinct personalities, motivations, and flaws. Gaiman’s portrayal helps readers connect with these characters on a deeper level, evoking empathy, admiration, and sometimes even contempt.

The structure of the book is commendable. Gaiman places the stories in chronological order, allowing readers to understand the overall mythology and the complex relationships between the characters. This thoughtful approach makes this book an excellent starting point for those who want to learn, as well as an enjoyable read for mythology geeks.

While the book is excellent, its only downside is its length. As a collection of stories told over and over again, some readers may want more analysis and exploration as Gaiman seems to leave them thirsty for more information. However, this can also be seen as an advantage, as it leaves room for readers to delve further into the subject on their own.

In summary, Gaiman’s `Norse Mythology` is a fascinating book that renews interest in traditional mythology and offers an excellent opportunity for a new generation of readers to explore this integral part of the culture.

His unparalleled talent for storytelling, combined with his deep knowledge and passion for Norse mythology, create a book that is rich, enlightening and enjoyable. Whether you are a die-hard fan of mythology or a casual reader looking for an enchanting adventure, this book is the right journey that will transport you to a world of gods, heroes and magic.

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Text: Izabela Paido
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