NIGHTRAGE released new song/video entitled “Euphoria Within Chaos” – Cover art and tracklist from their upcoming album revealed!

You are currently viewing NIGHTRAGE released new song/video entitled “Euphoria Within Chaos” – Cover art and tracklist from their upcoming album revealed!

NIGHTRAGE has recently released a new video single entitled “Euphoria Within Chaos,” coming from the upcoming album “Remains Of A Dead World.” The band has also revealed their new album’s cover, which was created by “Graphic no Jutsu”.

Marios Iliopoulos, founder and guitarist of NIGHTRAGE, comments on the new video single, stating:

“Euphoria Within Chaos” strikes hard, it’s one these types of songs that you are expecting from us, strong, hard, and super melodic, loving the chemistry that me and Magnus once again showcase here, without trying too hard, we always come up with riffs and material that fits together perfectly.

Dig the super aggressive verse riffs and the melodic chorus with the signature NIGHTRAGE guitar melodies, the bridge in the middle of the song is groovier than ever, and the needed clean break, balancing the tune after such hard hitting.

The song talks about the inner continuous sacrifice for self improvement while struggling to cope with external difficulties in order to achieve what we desire in life. The lyrics emphasize the dark feeling we sometimes feel when we almost give up on trying, but hope and strength are always the way to recover and keep moving forward.”  

NIGHTRAGE is back once again, delivering one of their best albums, in their 23 years of existence, without stopping creating uncompromising music for their devoted fanbase.

“Remains Of A Dead World” is the 10th album of the band and this time the band returned to where everything had started, since NIGHTRAGE was born in Greece in 2000.

The label of the band Despotz Records states:

With the great help of their past bandmate and now producer and sound-engineer Fotis Benardo (Rotting Christ, Sakis Tolis, Nightfall, On Thorns I lay, Suicidal Angels) at Devasoundz Studios in Athens Greece, and with his great producing skills, “Remains Of A Dead World” is a mixture of all the things that makes NIGHTRAGE a beast of integrity, they prove to be one of the last remaining true masters of the melodic death metal genre, fully unstoppable riffing, and great hooks with bigger than life guitar melodies with brutal vocals that represents the honesty and pure musical delivery, that comes straight from the heart.

The album has been mastered by Sound Engineer/Music Producer and great friend of the band, George Nerantzis (Abbath, Dark Funeral, Pain Of Salvation, Sakis Tolis, ) and his great skills gave the album a huge sound with clarity, power and analog flavor.”

Check the tracklist of “Remains Of A Dead World” below:

01. Euphoria Within Chaos
02. Persevere Through Adversity
03. Nocturnal Thorns
04. A Throne of Melancholy
05. Dark Light
06. Echoes of Broken Words
07. Deadliest Sin
08. Pierce the Soul
09. Obey the Hand
10. Remains of a Dead World

The album, entitled “Remains Of A Dead World,” is set to be released on May 31st, 2024 by Despotz Records, in CD, LP, and digital formats worldwide. The pre-orders for NIGHTRAGE’s new album are NOW OPEN and you can order it HERE!

Check out the new music video for the single “Euphoria Within Chaos,” directed by Bob Katsionis and Alexander Haritakis, below:

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