Kamelot, The Silent Rage (Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece – 07/05/2023)

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KAMELOT are back!!!! Back to the dicography with the amazing “The Awakening”, and back to touring, visiting Greece and their numerous fans here! KAMELOT is a favorite band for the Greek fans when it comes to Power Metal, a fact that was confirmed at Fuzz Club some days ago.

THE SILENT RAGE took over the warm up, showing us the experience they’ ve gained from supporting huge acts like SABATON, EPICA, STRATOVARIUS etc. Luckily they hit the stage at 21:00 (and not earlier), since the venue was already packed with impatient and joyful fans.

THE SILENT RAGE are in the process of releasing their second full length album, “Nuances Of Life”, on May 26th via Scarlet Records, so they had a lot of music to present us, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough time. In their 30-35 minutes set, they chose to give us some highlights from their first album, “The Deadliest Scourge” including the songs “My Race Won’t Last” or the personal favourite “A Piece Of Eden” that closed their set. We also had a “sneak peek” in their forthcoming album with two songs, “The Serpent Lord” (check their video clip… it’s very powerful) and “Code Of Destruct”. I guess this was the last time their set was based on their first album since, from now on, they will be focusing on “Nuances Of Life”. From what I’ve listened so far, it seems to be amazing.


01. Enemies At The Gates (intro)
02. The Serpent Lord
03. My Race Won’t Last
04. Sin of A Pilgrim
05. Code Of Destruction
06. Storm Warrior
07. Leading The Legions
08. A Piece Of Eden

THE SILENT RAGE managed to set the Fuzz on fire which by now was almost full. After the necessary intermission, on 22:15 KAMELOT stormed the stage with one of the most catchy songs, “Veil Of Elysium” from their album “Haven”. The next couple of hours can be described as their best show in Greece. It didn’t matter that their last album was less than two months old. The wild fans sang every verse of every song, new or old. From the iconic “March Of Mephisto” and “Karma” to the newbies “Nightsky” and “Opus Of The Night”.

Despite the sound problems which might be my idea (not), Tommy Karevik, the eleven years frontman of KAMELOT, Tommy Karevik, proved to us that he is one of the best vocalists in the Metal scene. He is finally free from the huge shadow cast by Rhoy Khan when he left the band and he is making his own history.  Their new drummer Alex Lundberg was also amazing and he gave us a very powerful drum solo. To be honest, though, I was really impressed by Melissa Bonny (AD INFINITUM) who supported Tommy. Either with clean vocals or growls, she forced many of the fans to google her on the spot and I am sure she earned a few fans for her and her band. But the biggest applause belongs to the iconic leader of this group, Thomas Youngblood who tried new things, experimented with new sounds, maybe had a few mishaps, but with “The Awakening” he proved that KAMELOT are back, fresh, with a new modern sound without forgetting their glorious past.

Regarding their setlist, we experienced a very interesting alternation between old and new songs. “Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)” and “New Babylon” crept into “Insomnia” and “Karma”. “Nightsky” had to compete with “Center Of The Universe” and “March Of Mephisto”. As for the encore, we could not have expected anything better. “Phantom Divine”, maybe the only song from “The Shadow Theory” album that in the future can be considered as a classic, the fresh and powerful “One More Flag In The Ground” that Tommy sang with a Greek flag in hand and of course “Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)” that Bonny skyrocketed with her performance.


01. Veil of Elysium
02. Rule the World
03. Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)
04. Insomnia
05. When the Lights Are Down
06. Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)
07. New Babylon
08. Karma
09. Center of the Universe
10. NightSky
11. Song for Jolee
12. March of Mephisto
13.  Forever

14. Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)

15. One More Flag In The Ground

16. Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)

In the end, the only thing you could see around you were the happy and flushed faces of satisfied fans. The reactions were so strong that even KAMELOT could not believe and they were looking at us with eyes wide open! So I guess the mission was a complete success and hopefully it will not take them another six years to come back!

Live Correspondent: Kostas Boudoukos
Translation/Rendering in English language: Kostas Boudoukos
Cover Artwork: Alexandros Soultatos
Design & Editing: Alexandros Soultatos
Photos: Sofia Bali
Date: May 7th, 2023
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