Graveworm – Killing Innocence

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Year: 2023
Total Time: 48.56
Label: AFM Records

It took eight whole years for the Italians GRAVEWORM to release their ninth full length album “Killing Innocence”. The band, founded in 1992 by Stefan Fiori (vocals) and Stefan Unterpertinger (guitar), was initially inspired by bands like SLAYER, KREATOR, SODOM and VENOM. Then their sound turned to Blackened Death Metal and gradually they started to add some Gothic elements, especially with the use of keyboards. Improving their productions, they managed to sign contracts with major labels in the field such as Nuclear Blast and Massacre, among others.

The new album, which contains ten songs, is released (like the previous one) by AFM Records. Was the wait really worth it? Of course it was worth it! “Killing Innocence” compensates us for everything. Their own personal blend of Blackened Death Metal and Gothic with a literally amazing production. Tremendous compositions, harsh and very well played guitars, bombastic bass and Death Metal growls from Stefan. But I will also dwell on the keys that give an extra beauty and really make their sound unique. Musically, but also chronologically, the closest bands to this style are AGATHODAIMON and CREMATORY. But if we compare the latest releases of these two bands with “Killing Innocence”, they are far behind. However, if we compare the latest releases of these two bands with “Killing Innocence”, they are far behind. GRAVEWORM outperform, creating dark, hard and at the same time atmospheric music, but with the freshness of twenty-year-olds! The songs are all at the same high level – none of them lag behind. However, if I had to choose one or two of them, it would be “If The World Shut Down” and “Wicked Mind”! Maybe “We Are The Resistance” would be one of them, which is accompanied by a shocking video clip.

Summing up, I have to admit that I didn’t expect GRAVEWORM to release such a great album after so many years. It will definitely be in my Top 10 Extreme Metal albums of the year! I highly recommend it!

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Dimitris Argyrakis
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