Asphyx – Necroceros

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Year: 2021
Total Time: 50:16
Label: Century Media

The sudden reunion of Dutch Death Metallers ASPHYX in 2007 created excitement and expectations for all of us, which were fulfilled by the release of their awesome album “Death… The Brutal Way” in 2009. This record was an emphatic statement by the Dutch that they have returned refreshed and stronger than ever. In the coming years, the continuation will be even more impressive, with their name growing within the Death Metal community, to reach this year and the new release of ASPHYX entitled “Necroceros”.

The record moves on ASPHYX’s well-known Death/Doom Metal musical paths with mid-tempo parts and raw, violent outbursts. The massacre begins with the crushing “The Sole Cure is Death” to continue with album’s best song for me, “Molten black earth”. A composition that will remind to many the great BOLT THROWER of “Those Once Loyal”, whose aura also exists in “The Nameless Elite” which breaks necks with its furious rhythm. “Mount Skull” and “Knights Templar Stand” hypnotize you as they begin with their initial slow pace to electrify you with their explosive rhythm afterwards.

With “Three Years of Famine”, “In Blazing Oceans” and “Necroceros” we pass on more mid-tempo paths with slow-moving riffs and melodic parts creating a behemothic, warlike atmosphere. “Botox Implosion” reaps everything in its crossing, while «Yield or Die»’s groove will undoubtedly destroy you. Main characteristic of the album is its massive sound, due in a big extent to its excellent production which has given a “dirty” sound to the bass, while Μartin van Drunen’s amazing vocal performance is always guaranteed.

The Dutch on their new album maintain and continue successfully their well-known musical formula of the past years, by expanding their discography with another good Death/Doom release. Although it does not touch the quality of their two previous albums (“Incoming Death” and “Deathhammer”), it proves that even after so many years ASPHYX remain thriving, angry and true to their roots.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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