ANCIENT SETTLERS release new EP “Transition”.

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On May 1st, Modern Melodic Death Metallers ANCIENT SETTLERS released their new EP, “Transition”, through Crusader Records – part of the Golden Robot Global.

This new chapter is the interlude of the Settlers Saga. An ambitious, melodic, diverse, rough, technical, and aggressive four-track EP. Each song with its own personality, defined by the catchy and memorable guitar riffs and a source of different vocal approaches. Lyrically, the EP draws on contemporary topics like the war, the post-pandemic challenges, gender inequalities, the migrant crisis across the world, and the challenges of our society.

Cover artwork by Jon Toussas- Graphic no Jutsu

ANCIENT SETTLERS analyze the EP track by track:

A New World Order: Correspond to the most melodic peace in this new chapter. A plentiful of catchy riff, with voices running from the depth and dark side to the most powerful melodies. A strongest Modern Melodic death metal composition, supported by 80ths inspired synth, shredding guitar solos and since a lyrical point of view, a criticism to the post-pandemic social collapse.
Special guest: Dalay Tarda (RISE TO FALL)

Mihi Nomen Est Ira: War is useless, since this premise, The Settlers build the criticism against a new era of war in the European Continent. One of the most powerful songs of the band, energetic and intense Death Metal, with a plenty of modern guitar solos across the song, with clean and guttural voices working together, also supported by Gregorian chants in the song epiphany. Special guest: Pintxo Wayewta (EMPIRE OF DISEASE)

The Circle: An utopian dream, defined by the band as a spiral of musical emotions. With deep clean voices and chorus and rough screams, supported by a set of melancholic guitar lines and solos, accompanied by a strong percussion section, with and always precise bass execution. A song who finds his culmination in an Epic and emotional chorus. Special guest: Andres Pestana (THE BLACK TREE)

Modern Travelers: There is no place for a journey. In this song, the settlers try to reflex about the migrant crisis across the world. From a musical perspective, an approximation to the old progressive metal and rock bands, with an effusion of catchy rhythms, dramatic scream, beautiful chorus lines, and multiple guitar harmonies, mixed all together to defined a emotional experience.

“Transition” track listing:

  1. A New World Order
  2. Mihi Nomen Est Ira
  3. The Circle
  4. Modern Travelers

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