Ühtceare – El Genocidio Primordial Ilevará El Nombre Infinito De La Empatía

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 39:55
Label: Death Kvlt Productions

Recently, I was listening to some of the bands of Death Kvlt Productions, which have released some remarkable albums lately (LAMP OF MURMUUR, REVENANT MARQUIS, ASGRAUW, WAMPYRIC RITES, NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE among others). Coincidentally my eyes fell on the awesome cover of ÜHTCEARE. It was that Prometheus painting that made me listen to them. Cautiously, of course, because Argentina’s extreme scene never really impressed me, except for DOWNFALL OF NUR, INFERNAL CURSE and some underground releases like the latest albums of AZATOR and GENUFLEXION.

The mastermind behind ÜHTCEARE is Marcos Aguero, a hyper-active youngster who plays everything and has three other active projects, exploring the full spectrum of extreme sound. The best known of them are Huszar, that are into that depressive post / blackgaze style. With ÜHTCEARE, Marcos shows that he has great potential. He matures and becomes more raw, brutal and dark. He leaves easy atmospheric / post solutions and chooses the hard way. The dark, yet demanding, path , that LEVIATHAN created. Dark depressive / ambient BLACK METAL with talent and, above all, personality. In a scene whose foremost problem is predictability, our Argentinian friend creates something unique. From the first moments of the album, it is clear that things are getting serious. The songs last long enough and have a variety of ideas, awesome balance and dark ambience that lure you into their vortex. Twisted riffs keep you mentally exhausted, until an atmospheric point comes to your rescue and alternately. LEVIATHAN is the main influence, combined with tribal drum beats (!!) or elsewhere with darkwave synths reminding BLUT AUS NORD (777 trilogy) or even DARKSPACE. Marcos even dares to compose an ULVERish 5-minute trip-hop track. And yet it fits perfectly into the whole, loosening / hypnotizing the listener to bring him the latest epic. “Fugiö, fugiö, fugiö !!! (Ultradedalismo Parte II) ”is truly an incredible psychedelic, addictive song with constant rhythm varation and clear, hushed vocals.

ÜHTCEARE are here to stay. Personally, I was impressed and look forward to their next step. With “El genocidio primordial llevará el nombre infinito de la empatía”, they have not only released one of the best albums ever released by an Argentinian band, but they promise to become a major BLACK METAL figure in general. As for the rating I will be very strict, because I have very high hopes for the future.

Rating: 7.5/10
Editor: Katsakioris Labros
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