Enforcer – Live By Fire II (Live Album)

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Year: 2021
Total Time: 75:48
Label: Nuclear Blast

While the pandemic continues to torture the planet and we have almost forgot how a live stage looks from inside, the Swedish ENFORCER are back with a live album to remind us that the concerts we all metalheads love so much will be back soon in our lives. This 2nd part of “Live By Fire” that was released in 2015 is now out in the market and was recorded in Mexico in 2019 during the tour for the promotion of the band’s latest studio album “Zenith” that was released sometime earlier.

Those of you who have seed the band on stage are aware of the energy and passion they unleash while performing. This album, in the 76 minutes of its running time has all those ingredients that are necessary in order to stand out from the rest. Those are, a band in top shape, the appropriate set list with the best moments of their career, a passionate audience (Mexican fans are well known for that) and of course a good production to showcase all of the above.

There is a total of 17 songs, including a couple of intros, guitar and drum solo etc. and you can find material from all the albums. The latest album here is represented by numbers like “Die For The Devil”, “Zenith Of The Black Sun” and “One Thousand Years Of Darkness” and then we have a few classic tunes in between other songs like “From Beyond”, “Mesmerized By Fire”, “Take Me Out Of This Nightmare”, ”Destroyer” and “Katana”.

The band performs almost unmistakably and obviously they are more mature than a few years back. The sound is solid and the audience participates in many songs with passion, giving that extra hint that a good live album needs in order to stand out. Now, maybe someone will listen to it and wonder if the job in the studio was more “excessive” than it should be and it may not is as alive as it looks, but since I wasn’t neither in the live show nor in the studio, I cannot put my hand in the fire for anything.

Here in Greece we were happy to witness the band at this very tour with almost the same set list, so the fans here have an extra reason to add it in their collection.

The 2 editions that are available are very well cared, with the double vinyl edition having an extra 16 page book and the CD edition an extra 28 page book with lots of photographs and liner notes, compiled and designed by Olof Wikstrand himself.

In conclusion, “Live By Fire II” is an album that is addressed to all those who like to collect good quality live albums, the fans of the band and of course all those who still listen to traditional speedy heavy metal that sounds fresh and very well played.

Rating: N/A
Editor: Antonis Livanios
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