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(Mascot Records)

Total Playing Time: 45:13

“Exile” is the second album by the quartet from Chicago and things are getting much better. Two years after the astonishing “In Monochrome”, they return in order to prove that NWOTHM* is here to stay.

It’s not yet another boring 80s copycat album. From the moment you press “play” and you hear the first tunes of “The Night They Came for You”, you will be overwhelmed by the rhythm section and the unique voice of Mark Sugar.

By the time you get to “Feral Child” it will be too late to go back. Their inspiration is growing higher and higher until it reaches the highest level with “Coal City”.

Αfter that, things are getting complicated. We get a change of course with “Dream Long Dead” where they try (and totally nail it) to balance the melancholic tunes of SISTERS OF MERCY’s Goth Rock with the dynamic voice-like lyrics of Peter Steele. A totally unexpected track! But that’s irrelevant, since they escape from the restrictions of classic heavy metal and pay tribute to the music they love.

“Focused totality – The Psychic Knife” will remind you of the good old VOIVOD times, and -I’ m sure – you will press “repeat”

Strongly influenced by QUEENSRYCHE and BLACK SABBATH, BLACK SITES continue getting their sound heavier track by track.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, “Exile” is the best moment to start. BLACK SITES transubstantiate their influences in the freshness of today with the best possible way, and it would be a pity for them if a major label doesn’t find out about them soon.


Dimitris Synatikas

*New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal

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