SCAR SYMMETRY release new album “The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)” & music video for “Overworld”.

You are currently viewing SCAR SYMMETRY release new album “The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)” & music video for “Overworld”.

Yesterday (Friday, June 9th), Swedish Progressive Melodic Death Metallers SCAR SYMMETRY have released their new album “The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)”, the first album in nine years, through Nuclear Blast. To celebrate the release the band has unveiled an official music video for the track “Overworld”.

Guitarist Per Nilsson comments on the release of the album: “At long last, ‘Phase II’ is here – and everywhere! Whether CD, vinyl or streaming platform is the preferred way of quenching your musical thirst, you may now have a sip of the furious symphonic whirlwind ‘Altergeist’, drink in the crushing juggernaut ‘Gridworm’, chug down the eight-string extravaganza ‘Hyperborean Plains’ and savour the intoxicating final track ‘Xenotaph’! Bottoms up, cheers!!!”

Cover artwork by Pierre-Alain D. (3mmi Design)

Formed in Sweden in 2004, SCAR SYMMETRY were a unique proposition from the start. Although clearly owing a debt to the pioneering Melodic Death Metal bands of the ‘90s, guitarist Per Nilsson and his comrades were walking their own evolutionary path. As showcased on 2005 debut “Symmetric In Design”, the band were driven by fervently progressive and proudly melodic instincts, infusing their often brutal riffs and arrangements with wild, futuristic atmospherics, and sublime, emotional melodies that always hit their targets with ruthless precision.

As SCAR SYMMETRY moved forward, their music continued to evolve in tandem. They joined forces with Nuclear Blast Records for 2006’s breakthrough opus “Pitch Black Progress” (2006), and have since amassed an extraordinary catalogue of forward-thinking but irrevocably crushing Modern Metal. From the glossy, hyper-melodic barrage of “Holographic Universe” (2008), to the immaculate thunder of “The Unseen Empire” (2011) and the astonishing, cosmic odyssey that is “The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)” (2014), the Swedes have blown minds and enhanced their reputation with every artistic step.

“The Singularity (Phase II: Xenotaph)” track listing:

  1. Chrononautilus
  2. Scorched Quadrant
  3. Overworld
  4. Altergeist
  5. Reichsfall
  6. Digiphrenia Dawn
  7. Hyperborean Plains
  8. Gridworm
  9. A Voyage with Tailed Meteors
  10. Soulscanner
  11. Xenotaph

You can watch the official music video for “Overworld” below:

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