OMEGA INFINITY drop 360° VR video for new single “Iron Age”, from upcoming album “The Anticurrent”.

You are currently viewing OMEGA INFINITY drop 360° VR video for new single “Iron Age”, from upcoming album “The Anticurrent”.

Void Metal outfit OMEGA INFINITY, the project of Xenoyr (NE OBLIVISCARIS) and Tentakel P. (TODTGELICHTER), will be releasing their new full-length, “The Anticurrent”, on February 24th, 2023 via Season Of Mist. The band also released the first single, “Iron Age,” along with a 360° music video that can be watched with VR goggles! In addition, the single features Adrienne Cowan of SEVEN SPIRES as a guest vocalist!

The band states: “And as the universe had pulled itself from chaos into order, the eternal dance of dust and matter cradling the formation of celestial bodies and myriads of galaxies, a cancer spreads out into the universe – a remnant of chaos, spawning and spreading like mold through supercusters everywhere. Like bones ripped from its own flesh, this force harvests resources to form weapons meant for destruction and demise. Wherever there is life, there is conflict. This is the birth of war – the birth of the new Iron Age!”

Cover artwork by Adrien Bousson

OMEGA INFINITY: The story of the endless cycle of birth and death told on a cosmic scale, being viewed from The Void that permeates the whole existence.

The debut album “Solar Spectre” (released in 2020 by Season Of Mist) created a dark and disturbing soundtrack for a journey through our own solar system, combining furious Black Metal of the 90‘s, harsh electronic and menacing ambient sounds with ancient growls and screams and gathered overwhelmingly positive press and fan response when it was first unleashed upon earth.

“The Anticurrent” unleashed a very different view of The Void unto the listener. Rather than the blackness of space, the second album explores Time: From the Big Bang and the chaotic birth of the universe, the album’s focus moves through the rise and fall of human civilisation, while zooming back out to a cosmic scale to witness the inevitable end of the universe in the menacing finale. 

No OMEGA INFINITY album would be complete without cover versions (SEAR BLISS and EMPEROR) and the addition of friends as guests to the ensemble: Heralding The End together with the band are (in order of appearance) Adrienne Cowan (SEVEN SPIRES/ AVANTASIA), Lindsay Schoolcraft (ANTIQVA/ ex-CRADLE OF FILTH), Andras Nagy (SEAR BLISS) and Marta J. Braun (TODTGELICHTER/ VYRE).

If you ever wanted to know how a myriad of Black Holes devouring themselves in a time distortion sound – look no further than OMEGA INFINITY’s sophomore album “The Anticurrent”!

“The Anticurrent” track listing:

1. The Alpha
2. Creation
3. Iron Age feat. Adrienne Cowan
4. Banish Us From Eden
5. To The Stars
6. Death Rays feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft
7. Voices From The End Of Time feat. András Nagy
8. Night Journey (SEAR BLISS cover) (Bonus) feat. András Nagy
9. Ye Entrancemperium (EMPEROR cover) (Bonus) feat. MJ Braun

You can watch the official 360° music video for “Iron Age” below:

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