EXODUS cancel European Tour: “Family will always come first”.

You are currently viewing EXODUS cancel European Tour: “Family will always come first”.

EXODUS vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza has taken to social media with the following unfortunate announcement:

“To all our friends & fans in Europe…

With very very heavy hearts, our upcoming European run which starts next week will unfortunately have to be cancelled. As a lot of you already know, over the past week, our brother Gary Holt had an unfortunate incident that happened to his brother in Italy, which resulted with Gary and his wife having to fly unexpectedly to take care of the situation. As some of you may or may have not read, the situation has taken a toll on our beloved brother. We are a family-oriented band, and family will always come first with EXODUS.

We hope you all understand the circumstances, at the moment, Gary needs to tend to his family. This is not what we wanted, as we were all looking forward coming to play for all of you great European fans that have supported this band for the past 40 years. Don’t worry Europe, Exodus will be back! Thank you all for understanding, we love and appreciate each and every one of you.”

Earlier this month, EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt, who has launched a GoFundMe Campaign to aid his seriously injured sibling, shared the following message online:

“Hey everyone, my name is Gary Holt, thrash guitarist for EXODUS and formerly for SLAYER.

My brother on May 6 while on the first day of a solo vacation in Rome, was struck from behind by a taxi, resulting in a broken femur that is in need of surgery. The taxi driver actually put him in the taxi and dropped him off at the hosipital. We aren’t even sure if we will find out the who and what of all this.

He spent three days on a gurney in a hallway awaiting even a real bed, alone. Unable to truly communicate with the staff. My wife has flown out there to be with him, she is having the same issues navigating and communicating, but at least my brother is not alone. I fly out as well on Friday to be there for my brother and to help my wife Lisa who is very nervous being alone hersefl there.

The costs have been enormous to the family and to Charles and he hasn’t had the surgery yet, and he cannot fly home until he does. We hope sooner rather than later. I am not wealthy, unlike what the internet says, far from it, I have no more income that any blue collar worker.

My brother will not be able to work for months, he has had a rough life but turned it around years ago, saves all his money working at a coffee shop and recycling, to go on these trips, to live again. This nightmare gets worse, whenever there’s a glimmer of good news, another road block. Please get him home and help him get well.”

Currently, $63,392 has been raised. To donate – no amount is too small, every dollar helps – visit GoFundMe.

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