Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

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(Season Of Mist)

Total running time: 48:31

What do we have here? ENTHRONED, coming from Belgium, returned with their 11th full length album, after 2014’s “Sovereigns”. nine tracks (plus a bonus track) and as usual, we have blasts, we have slow parts, of course we have the keyboards and overall we have an album that while it remains a Black Metal one, it contains those BEHEMOTH-ish elements that make it a Blackened Death Metal album or whatever anyone wants to call it. Speaking for myself, I listened to it, I liked it and the truth is that I would like it to be more in the Black Metal side. I have to admit though that the balance between the fast parts and the atmospheric parts, are under perfect control and the band members know exactly what they are doing. If they didn’t after all these years, we would be talking under a different tone.

Long story short, it’s an album well prepared, well played, with Black Metal outbursts, with acoustic parts and even though it is not totally my style, it is a classic ENTHRONED album. Finally, as a trivia info (I think I will make it a tradition), since Lord Sabathan’s departure in 2006, we have no more founding members in the band.

Nick “Yngve” Samios


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