Lacuna Coil – Comalies XX

Total Time:47.49
Label: Century Media

The initial, original “Comalies” is one of the albums that introduced me to the metal world. Also, LACUNA COIL is one of my favorite metal bands and Christina Scabbia, their frontwoman, a true idol as far as music is concerned but, also, due to her ideas and public image. That said, it would be almost impossible not to like their new, fresh version of my favorite album.

The decision to mess with some of their most iconic songs of their first, goth era and their attempt to bring them to the present, to a more alternative and harder version would be a risk, if this project did not work, since it would not add anything to the original album and it would blur their image. Thankfully, the final result brings justice to the band for their decision to work as if they had new material in hand. For someone to get this, it would suffice to listen to, probably, the most famous song from the album, “Heaven’s a Lie” which became slower, darker and more ambient. Andrea Ferro brings even harsher vocals and Christina uses her amazing voice even better than she did twenty years ago. Another example is the song “Swamped”, where all these are more obvious. Ferro’s harsh, “in your face” vocals are even heavier and the instrumental parts are more intense, filling heavily the air. But, to my opinion, the most representative example of what they are trying to achieve in “Comalies XX” is the song “Unspoken”, where Ferro has taken control of the lead singer position, even in parts that, originally, belonged to Scabbia. The twists and turns between Christina and Andrea are amazing and the drums are even more dominant, for a heavier version of this beautiful song. A fresh look, that made me wonder which version is better.

Scabbia commented on “Comalies XX” that it is a celebration of past, present and future and I believe this is as accurate as it gets. They honor their rich past as a band, they bring forth a fresh look of their songs and prepare the heavier future of LACUNA COIL (which in my opinion is already here). I believe we must not dive into the dilemma of which version is better. We should consider the two albums as two sides of the same coin. The band did not want to create something better but something different that the original and I believe they managed to do that!

Rating: 7,5/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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    The original album of 2002 is my favorite Lacuna Coil album and one of the best Gothic metal albums of all time…
    It was a pure 9/10 for me (I have the original CD).
    This new heavier version with harder guitars, brutal male vocals is also so damn amazing…
    The turn of melodeath/gothic version is a total blast and is almost as great as the original…
    I will definitely get this CD as I did with the original and I hope they go on with this heavier path in their next album…
    8,5/10 rating…

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