Havukruunu – Uinuos Syömein Sota

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Year: 2020
Total time: 44:63
Label: Naturmacht Productions

We are HAVUKRUUNU from the Finnish woodlands and we play furious Heavy Metal with the sound of Winter in our hearts. What better start could one wish for a metal review than this band’s quote on an interview?

   We can say that their music, although it basically belongs to the Underground Black metal scene, is not only that. It is epic, because from the first second and the first track you hear a symphony of the band members (without instruments) that puts you in the mood of the times. They are warlike, because their sound is like watching and hearing a Viking ship fighting with the wind and the huge waves of the sea. It’s Black, because after this kick-off, a blastbeat comes kicking in”beating” endlessly and mercilessly. Because one can hear Stefan on the vocals wanting to come out of the screen with an axe and a shield and start fighting. It has power / epic elements in very long periods of time, so do not expect the typical black metal with uncluttered solos here, but many melodic, fast solos, riffs, passages. But also because the production on drums is very lively and tries to simulate war drums. It is Heavy in some periods (the last track, called “Tähti-Yö Ja Hevoiset” will remind you of 80s Heavy Metal with howls on top), even Thrash in some places with some characteristic riffs.

   On the one hand it has the points that will remind you of BATHORY, on the other hand some points that will remind you of MOONSORROW, but also the points that will remind you of the well-known Heavy bands of our favorite music. Nevertheless, above all, it is an Epic Black Metal album, which simply differs from the classic mold and differentiates some. Its main ingredient, if we would like to find one, is this “Winter in their hearts” thing. Atmosphere we would call it. While hearing it, you are transported to the Viking camps, you feel like you are taking part in battles with them and this is something that the band seems to have as a red line and never crosses it.

   If someone asked me how you would describe modern/extreme epic Scandinavian metal, I would point him at this album. And it will weird at all, if you listen to it and stick to it. And this is why the original statement of the quartet from the “woodlands” of Finland, becomes completely credible and understandable.

Rating: 7.5/10
Editor: Nikos Vlachos
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