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(Nuclear Blast Records)
Total Time: 51:00

I think it’s time to create a new awards category in music. It should be named “How many years since we last did a record and should we do it or continue going fishing??”
If that was real, the American thrashers EXHORDER would definitely be nominated since, 27 years after, they’ve decided to come back with a full package of a new record deal, big label, live shows, touring and…everything!

The question here, after the classic “Oh no, another reunion” is if there is a good reason for that or it’s another waste of time. In this case, like the POSEESSED’s come-back a few months ago, the answer is “YES! Welcome back and we hope you’ll stay longer this time!”.
I will remind you now that EXHORDER only did two albums back in 1990 and 1992 but while they were very good, innovative and with an impact back then, they split up and their members did few things afterwards, the most remarkable being the lead singer’s (Kyle Thomas) participation in TROUBLE and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY.

Back to the present now, EXHORDER of 2019 consist of two original members, Kyle Thomas and basic guitarist and composer Vinnie LaBella, accompanied by Jason VieBrooks (HEATHEN, GRIP INC.), Sasha Horn (FORBIDDEN) and Marzi Montazeri (HEAVY AS TEXAS, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS), while musically they have gone one step further the technical Thrash/Death of the past for more melodic Thrash-groove-punk music paths.

So, “Mourn The Southern Skies” starts with “My Time”, a straight-in your face Thrash Metal song, no unnecessary intros and stuff here. Then we get “Asunder” and “Hallowed Sound” which lead us to more technical paths while “Beware the wolf” thrashes mercilessly. The rest of the album is in the vein that the band was well known back in their time, when they used to create music that bands like MACHINE HEAD and PANTERA followed and became big on: Groovy Thrash with well played thick riffs, bass and drums heavy as fuck and in general, no mercy! Right before the end there is a re-recorded version of “Ripping Flesh” from the demo of the band with special guest the original drummer Chris Nail. The new album ends with the title track “Mourn The Southern Skies”, which is a totally different Heavy groovy track, lasting more than nine minutes with melodic choruses influenced from bands like DOWN or CROWBAR. A new, very interesting approach here!

So, concluding I would say that the few (anyway) fans of the band who are still around will be very pleased by this come-back. But the point is to get a good feedback and gain a new bigger audience and I think the chances are very good with this album, right?
So, all of you out there who like groups like MACHINE HEAD, PANTERA, TESTAMENT, ATHEIST, DEATH ANGEL and similar stuff, should definitely check this out! In my opinion it is a high quality release that will open new paths to the band. Truly remarkable!!

Rating 7.5/10

Antonis Livanios

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