DYING FETUS release new album “Make Them Beg For Death” & audio visualizer for “Raised In Victory / Razed In Defeat”.

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Death Metal overlords, DYING FETUS, have released their new album “Make Them Beg For Death” through Relapse Records. Recorded in Baltimore with longtime producer Steve Wright and mixed by Mark Lewis (CANNIBAL CORPSE), “Make Them Beg For Death” contains every DYING FETUS hallmark. The veteran Death Metal band’s ninth album is fast, intense, and brimming with unstoppable grooves.

To celebrate the release, the band shares a new visualizer music video for “Raised In Victory / Razed In Defeat”. Live footage shot by Tage Barbato (Mind Decay Productions) at Starland Ballroom during the Chaos & Carnage Tour in April 2023.

“Make Them Beg For Death” delivers savage beatdowns equally designed to pulverize and mesmerize. “It follows on from where ‘Wrong One To Fu*k With’ left off,” drummer Trey Williams promises. “We don’t need to participate in the Technical Death Metal arms race. We’ve got the big guns, and we’ve proven that. It’s all about pointing them in the right direction, so to speak.”

Monstrous riffs, blast beats, unstoppable hooks, and earth-moving grooves define their catalog. “We put our own twist on Death Metal,” explains co-vocalist/guitarist John Gallagher. “We were like most bands, starting in the garage, drinking beer, having a little fun on the weekend, finding the right amps through trial and error. We blended aspects of bands we liked – SUFFOCATION, OBITUARY, DEICIDE and CANNIBAL CORPSE, among others; the dual vocal approach of CARCASS – and made them our own. ‘Let’s make it moshy, let’s make it slammy’.“

The band have announced the “Make Them Beg For Death” US Tour, with support from THE ACACIA STRAIN, DESPISED ICON, CREEPING DEATH, CHAMBER and GATES TO HELL. The 26-date trek will make stops in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago before concluding in Baltimore on November 18th.

“Make Them Beg for Death” track listing:

  1. Enlighten Through Agony
  2. Compulsion for Cruelty
  3. Feast of Ashes
  4. Throw Them in the Van
  5. Unbridled Fury
  6. When the Trend Ends
  7. Undulating Carnage
  8. Raised in Victory / Razed in Defeat
  9. Hero’s Grave
  10. Subterfuge

You can watch the audio visualizer for “Raised In Victory / Razed In Defeat” below:

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