Vile Extortion – Incoming Threat

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Year: 2019

Time: 19:00

Label: New Dream Records

VILE EXTORTION is a new band from Thessaloniki, created in 2017 and the ‘Incoming Threat’ EP is their first effort. They play Thrash Metal with melodic riffs, blastbeats (a few death metal elements) and modern production. Their main influences are bands like early THE HAUNTED, AT the GATES and TESTAMENT.

‘Incoming Threat’ is a furious Thrash record, a mix of classic and modern thrash metal which will keep you on the edge for 19 minutes with its intensity and crazy rhythms. The EP starts with the intro ‘ He, Who Dwells in Shadow’ and is followed by ‘Unholy Breath’, in which the guitars spit great melodies and remind us of AT THE GATES, it is a quite furious track with blastbeats and an awesome solo. The next songs are ‘Purification Process’ and’ Mors Certissima ‘ which stay in the same musical direction with changes in the rhythms inside them. This is something that keeps the listener’s interest high. The EP comes to an end with ‘ Cry of Terror’ which, from the start, won’t let you rest even for a second. It grabs you by the neck and leads you to a crazy headbanging frenzy.

VILE EXTORTION are introduced to us with a very good first release. Great production, great guitar work with hellish thrash riffs that make you want to smash everything around you. Fans of AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and generally all extreme metal fans should listen to ‘ Incoming Threat.

Rating: 7/10

Nikos Manousis

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