CyHra – No Halos In Hell

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 47:11
Label: Nuclear Blast

It’s been two years since Jesper Stromblad (IN FLAMES, CEREMONIAL OATH among others) and Peter Lundberg (ex AMARANTH) made a breakthrough. Now in 2019 they are coming back with “No Hallos In Hell” which differs very little from their debut album.

The familiar guitar riffs by Jesper Stromblad  are present and I would say that the song “Blood Brothers” is more IN FLAMESish than what IN FLAMES have written for a very long time. Lundberg’s vocals are clean, dynamic, emotional especially in the ballad song “Lost In Time” while the lyrics are trying to be heard serious with many concerns. But that’s when the problems begin. The production is clear, dynamic, well-polished but looks like it overrides the guitar riffing with the vocal work making the sound  lighter as if you are listening to a pop/rock album with a little bit modern metal ,which no doubt is catchy and commercial. There are a few guitaristik glimpses and some interesting drumming patterns by the talented drummer Alex Laneburg (MEKONG DELTA, KAMELOT) but the synths and the whole melodic atmosphere makes CYHRA sound like AMARANTH’S lower class brothers.

“No Halos In Hell” is confused, disoriented and that’s a pity because of the talent CYHRA’S members have. If their debut “Letters To Myself was a breakthrough, “No Halos In Hell” stayed still and stationary looking to please  a safe audience reminding a more pop/alternative group rather than a  metal supergroup.

Rating : 5/10

Dimos Karadimos

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