VEILE reveal captivating music video for new single “The Abyss”.

You are currently viewing VEILE reveal captivating music video for new single “The Abyss”.

Blackened Horror outfit VEILE (with members of MAYHEM and GOD DETHRONED) are now proudly presenting the next horrifying chapter “The Abyss”. The brand new single, mixed and mastered by Russ Russell, comes in the form of a high quality short horror movie.

Watch terrifying performances by Alice Bizarre, Halo Haynes and other talented spectres, captured by the Tank Space Team under creative supervision of VEILE’s own Anabelle.

VEILE vocalist Anabelle comments on the video: “In ‘The Abyss,’ we delve into the true horror: what lies within each of our minds. The shape-shifting creature embodies a multitude of fears and traumas, relentlessly pulling the protagonist towards the brink of darkness. This short film is a labour of love, a cathartic expression of my inner struggles and creative dedication. Each shot is meticulously planned, every frame carries the essence of the story and a piece of my soul. While the narrative is a personal one, I believe it’s something many of us can resonate with, making this both a personal and shared odyssey.“

Cover artwork by Costin Chioreanu

Blackened Horror Metal band VEILE released their first EP “The Ghost Sonata” in 2021. This unholy trinity is ridden with haunting orchestrations and unseen spectacles of multidimensional, sometimes nearly psychotic vocal outbursts.

VEILE is the creative outlet of composer/guitarist Charles Edward Alexander Hedger (a.i. MAYHEM, R-KOMPLEX), drummer Frank Skillpero (a.i. GOD DETHRONED, THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT -session) and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/composer Anabelle.

Unassociated with any of the names the members have on their resumé, VEILE operates as a DIY entity on the Black & Horror Metal spectrum. Acting as their own manager & label, the band chooses to release their first attacks on your nerves independently under the flag of Spectre Of Darkness.

VEILE implores you, blackened horror metal fan, to share this prophetic tale of darkness with anyone you’d wish to STAY HAUNTED.

You can watch the official music video for “The Abyss” below:

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