Toxic Holocaust – Primal Future: 2019

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Total Time: 39:23

Oh boy, what do we have here this time? New album by the thrashers (or thrash to be more accurate) TOXIC HOLOCAUST, their 6th in 6 years. Do I see a pattern here, or is it just me? Let’s get into it…

10 songs in 40 minutes of music. As you can tell, once again, we are talking about a classic Thrash Metal album. In this one, we see that Joel is doing everything by himself again and in my opinion, it is the best thing to do. His time, recording everything as he wants to and everything is done according to what he has in his mind. Not bad at all and as you will listen or already have, the result is hellish once more. Should we talk about influences? I think we don’t need to, but let’s do. At the first riff of the first song, in my mind there was “Kill ‘Em All” all the way. As I was going through the album, I listened to VOIVOD, to SLAYER and to VENOM and VENOM are present in all the band’s life spun. Need to say more? Nah… I also loved the retro cover artwork. Such choices, can be only good.

I will not hold you any longer. Even though I like their first two albums more, I have to say that dear Joel holds the golden recipe to make what he does a success and when you have the recipe, it works most of the time, so well done! Let’s see you live in Greece now, right?

Rating: 8/10

Nick Samios

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