Dizziness – Reroute

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Year: December 2019
Total Time: 38:44
Label: Lower Silesian Stronghold

The Athenian blacksters DIZZINESS are back with their new, 3rd full length album 5 years after “Bound By Strength” of 2015 and a couple of mini and split releases in 2017 and 2018. Once again there were radical changes in the lineup which now is actually a duet of Pyriflegethon (only original member) on guitars and vocals and Defiant (also on DARK VISION, UTKENA) also on guitars, while bass is played by Grind. Guest appearances this time are by V. from TERRORHAMMER, Costas ”DEAD” from OBSECRATION and Arkhon Sakrificer from TEMPLE OF EVIL. This new album includes 6 songs lasting from 5 to almost 8 minutes each and as their previous works did, this one also is going its way through the extreme black metal grounds in general since the influences from the mentors of this genre are obviously spread all-over the music.

The opening track is “Sunlight Stream” which after a small, typical black metal-like intro starts in top speed sweeping everything in his way for the 7 minutes it lasts, like a bastard child from the Attila period of Norway’s MAYHEM. Things will go darker next, with “Into The Darkness” (V. on vocals) continuing fast before reaching the slower and more epic “The Harlequin” with Arkhon Sakrificer and “Newness Of The Night” following the steps of the Irish PRIMORDIAL and maybe ROTTING CHRIST spreading their darkness here in the first half of the album, before we reach the last two songs, the fast “Unconquerable Soul” and the chaotic, dark “Chaos Course” with guest on vocals as we said “Dead”, finishing our musical journey to this dark metallic abyss of these Greek blackmetallers.

The production is crisp and clear but at the same time chaotic as it should, especially in the fast parts which sound as they should and all songs are well executed without any mistakes. The influences from the Norwedian and Greek black metal scene are spread everywhere as they were in the past but you definitely cannot say that this is another rip off band, the exact opposite. They need some more work of course but there are all the aspects needed for them in order to give us even better works in the future.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Antonis Livanios
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