THE ARCANE ORDER release new album “Distortions From Cosmogony” & lyric video for “A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings”.

You are currently viewing THE ARCANE ORDER release new album “Distortions From Cosmogony” & lyric video for “A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings”.

Danish Extreme Metal quintet THE ARCANE ORDER, have released their highly anticipated new album “Distortions From Cosmogony”, yesterday (June 9th) via Black Lion Records. To celebrate the release the band has dropped an official lyric video for the track “A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings”.

Guitarist and composer Flemming C. Lund comments on the album: “We are extremely happy finally to be able to release our next opus in the continuation of the ORDER’s works in the shadows. We are relieved and honored to notice that our extreme and layered brand of Metal has found its way into the hearts and ears of many active listeners. Listeners who take the time this album needs to let it sink in. Thank you to old and new fans alike who have given this time and space to grow on them – let the reign of the Order resonate.“

Cover artwork by Ars Moriendee (Pedro Felipe)

Flemming C. Lund states on the song: “This song contains more of the traditional THE ARCANE ORDER riffs that we started back on the ‘In The Wake of Collisions’ album with epic choruses and some Devin-like passages to make a lot of variations on the song. This is a song that has ‘a little bit of everything’ and was among one of the first songs to be written for the new album.”

Lead singer Kim Song Sternkorpf adds: “The lyrics are a rumination over the intoxication of power and how it can corrupt man enough to do anything to hold on to it with all means necessary. We put trust in authority and governance of other men and women. The actions and decisions of people with power have always written the story and the light in which the kings and queens of old will be perceived as either scheming tyrants or just kings. Tell us the lie we want to hear. Because everyone likes a good tale. Maybe a good leader can save the day so we don’t have to take responsibility. It’s always easier to make Gods than to be one.“

With its new experienced line-up featuring members of renowned acts such as SOILWORK, MØL and HATESPHERE, THE ARCANE ORDER created an epic Metal album within its singular style combining the extreme, the grandiose, technical and melodic while telling the story of mankind’s eternal existential conflict between autonomy and submission.

As the previous three, THE ARCANE ORDER’s new album “Distortions From Cosmogony” is recorded by Jacob Hansen (ABORTED, ARCH ENEMY, VOLBEAT, KATATONIA a.o.) and in addition Jacob Bredahl (LIFESICK, EYES, LIVLØS ao.) has recorded vocals, while the guitars were tracked in Flemming C. Lund’s home studio.

“Distortions From Cosmogony” track listing:

  1. Intro (instrumental)
  2. Cry of Olympus
  3. Starvations for Elysium
  4. A Blinding Trust in Chosen Kings
  5. Favors for Significance
  6. Empedocles’ Dream (instrumental)
  7. The First Deceiver
  8. Ideals of Wretched Kingdoms
  9. Children of Erebos
  10. Wings of Duality

You can watch the lyric video for “A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings” below:

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