Sylvaine – Eg Er Framand (EP)

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Year: 2024
Total Time: 28:12
Label: Season Of Mist

Katherine Shepard, the mastermind behind SYLVAINE’s musical venture, intricately crafts a tapestry of emotions using the language of music. Serving as a transcendent bridge between realms, her work embodies a captivating duality that encompasses both the beautiful and the harsh, the light and the dark, peace and chaos, and the delicate balance between the outer world and the inner sanctum of the soul. In 2022, we introduced you to the “Nova” album, with hopes of veering away from the influence of ALCEST’s sound, and “Eg Er Framand” succeeded in achieving just that.

‘Eg Er Framand’ is a concise 6-track EP, clocking in at less than half an hour, and this brevity serves its purpose well. The EP delves into Katherine’s Norwegian roots, delving into old myths and untold stories from the dark forests of Norway. The first single, “Dagsens Auga Sloknar Ut,” is a poignant hymn penned by Elias Blix, a late 19th-century Norwegian theologian, hymn writer, politician, and Minister of Education, who specifically requested this hymn to be played at his funeral.

While inevitable comparisons to the works of MYRKUR or Kari Rueslåtten may arise, they in no way diminish Shepard’s unique artistic vision. Recorded at Kampen church in central Oslo, the EP beautifully captures the warmth, reverence, and excitement of the soul. The artwork, edited by Helena Aguilar Mayans, depicts Shepard as a regal figure akin to Queen Galadriel, adorned in white, amidst the endless forests of Lothlorien.

Guided solely by her ethereal voice and the use of keys, whether it be a church organ or synths, Shepard creates a mystical, ethereal atmosphere that is undeniably seductive and transportive. It invites listeners on a journey, not merely a physical excursion, but a descent into the profound depths of the soul. Here, she navigates the interplay between light and darkness, journeying alongside fellow pilgrims seeking illumination. This musical offering is not one that can be consumed at any time or place; it resonates most profoundly in the depths of a forest at twilight or within the hallowed halls of a church, accompanied by headphones. It diverges significantly from SYLVAINE’s previous works, standing as a unique and singular creation that may not appeal to a wide audience but holds immense value for those attuned to its ethereal charms.

Rating: 6.5/10
Editor: Dimos Karadimos
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