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(Roadrunner Records)

Total Time: 63:29

…twenty years have passed since the last time I caught a pen to unleash my abominable view and infect what’s in your head in a blatantly raw and iconoclastic way. Τhe coincidental release of the 6th LP of the “not at all” ordinary and yet marginalized residents of Iowa, proved to be the best stimulant.
Jim Root Quote: “We need always to Prove Ourselves, even after 20 fucking years, people say, Oh come on…is thοse dorks with the masks again ….”

Without rotations I’m making you a breakdown of the rot, the elated emotions, the tension and the ecstatic expressiveness of the album, track by track…

  • Insert Coin:
    First prelude and album intro, sounds from retro consoles and coin up machines “…. counting on the Killers” Corey whispers, preparing us for the next great song named
  •  Unsainted (1st Single):
    …the first part gets you in… “I Never Killed myself to Save my Soul”, tender voices of Angel City Choral and a catchy riff that sticks to your head and you realize straight-ahead  that this album  is very different from Slipknot’s 2 previous albums …something’s changed…Aggressiveness and rage are again present… The chemistry of the 9 masked musicians with their huge music background makes your head bang effortlessly… Let’s go …
  • Birth of the Cruel (3rd Single):
    The DJ and Clowns Graham’s drums (recently lost his 22-year-old daughter) make their presence felt in the song… Lyrically and musically the song captures the tensions of a Broken American family… Corey  makes you sing with him again: “I’m just a Judas, lookin’ for a silver line and tomorrow is still a step behiiiind…”
  • Death Because of Death:
    Second Prelude, not much, electronic and percussion sounds and one monotone “Death because of death because of you! ”
  • Nero Forte:
    And quietly we enter the heart of the album. Here the elements we loved at the 9 are all present… Crushing riffs, mid-tempo rhythm, pompous expression with spiteful vocals by Corey, war-rhythmic drums, sticking melodies and an amazing chorus…
  • Critical Darling:
    Tampered sounds and scratching that paralyze your tendons, high level compositional quality and two separate variations in the mood…(in the middle and in the end) “It smells like divorce …. together we suffer and together we go…” (Corey’s marital adventures…)
  • A Liar’s Funeral:
    Αcoustics  and melody, Corey transports from its clean to  its cannibalistic brutal vocals… This one has many death and thrash,metal elements and riffs that are destined for loud speakers….Production is great, listen to it…
  • RED f@cking FLAG:
    Nothing about this band happened by accident , everything has been planned… Electronic sounds, machine-gun speed and synchronism of absolute discipline with inspiration constitute a killer song… Before writing these lines, I heard it 3 times …
  • What’s Next:
    A prelude to Spiders with a piano theme…
  • Spiders:
    The most dancing song , the refrain  spins in your head…. The hit of the album, entertaining and another good tense vocal performance!
  • Orphan:
    Besides the “Blade Runner”-like introduction, we are talking about an aggressive near perfect heavy metal song… “Smashing your face in…”
  • My Pain:
    I would name it the bridged gap between musical idioms… Ambient elements during the whole song and very poignant rhymes…”The Globe is a Huge divide, divide from Nature , divide from Animals, divide by humans ….i could easily say maggots .”
  • Not Long for this World:
    After the trippy “My Pain”, we loosely start  with a lot of substance…The STONE SOUR influence is present, constant changes in playing and a lot of chills, sweet vocals from Corey with a great outro at the end… The whole thing is peaking and it’s a fucking subterranean ….I wonder if there’s anything standing on this world?
  •  Solway Firth (spaceman…google on that fuckers) (2nd Single):
    Poetry, crawling words, saliva and hate for a repeat that is not necessary, all leading to the explosive last piece … Enjoy without any responsibility till its last note …

“We Are Not Your Kind” is a punch to all of us, a wake-up call of the  9 in the storm we all experience. You will be fascinated by its strength and sincerity and personally it’s my soundtrack for the coming months, years, bones and ash!!!!

Rating: 9 / 10

Elias Keranis

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