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(Profound Lore Records)
Total Playing Time: 52:09

The legendary NOCTURNUS (USA) were one of the most legendary technical Death Metal groups of their era. As a matter of fact, they invented a new metal species and I think they still are alone in that, no second band was ever similar in what they’ve done. OK, maybe later LIMBONIC ART tried to do something similar into Black Metal but that’s it.

Their first album, back in 1990 under the title “The Key”, was one of the most impressive releases of the year, an album which gained them a die-hard fan base, but a restricted one, unlike the other bands who emerged at the same time (like MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE etc.). After the second (still good) album “Thresholds” in 1993, the band actually came to an end since “Ethereal Tomb” in 1999 didn’t gain much attention from the fans or the press…. As years passed by, those two first albums have got their respective place in the metal pantheon. Now in 2019, the leader of the band Mike Browning (early MORBID ABGEL, INCUBUS) decides to bring the band back to life with the characteristic AD in the end (probably for copyright issues) and release a new album with a new line up. But the “new” stuff ends here, when you get this record in your hands you feel like the time has stopped in 1993 and we continue from there on.  And this is true, the whole NOCTURNUS concept is here, the sci fi themes and a cover that you can obviously tell that it was made back then and remained buried somewhere waiting patiently for his time to emerge while the music is heavy, spacey and death metalish enough!

If you are one of the old fans who got “The Key” since its release days, you will definitely love this album from its beginning with “Seizing the Throne” and then the amazing “The Bandar Sign” and “Paleolithic”, you will just smile and continue the headbanging you stopped in 1993! Perfectly played drums, keyboards from outer space and Mike’s voice in the same high quality level as it was back then. The two new guitarists come from Mike’s other band AFTER DEATH, continuing the great work of the old original members with great riffs, melodies and solos while the sci fi concept is here ready to travel the listener to the outer space.

In total, we could say that “Paradox”, except from being a new release, is a “reunion” album and also the continuation of the great bands legacy! The hard part is to see if the band this time will win the bet of getting the recognition and acceptance they deserve with that hard path they chose to walk on, or if they will be “lost” again, remembering their existence many years after, while being in a nursing home…
If you like ATHEIST, MORBID ANGEL, LIMBONIC ART and similar acts, then this album is your choice for this year!

Antonis Livanios

Grade :7.5/10

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