Rotting Christ / Varathron-Duality Of The Unholy Existence (Split 7″)

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(Hells Headbangers Records)

Total Running Time: 09:26

The two largest and most historic Black Metal bands in Greece are finally joining forces, after so many years, in this historic split 7’’. This release includes two new songs, one of each band.

On the A’ side there is the song by ROTTING CHRIST entitled “Spiritus Sancti”, which, soundwise, is closer to the last two albums of the band. It starts with a dark and heavy melody and the speeds goes up, we hear blast beats and keyboards which together with the clean back vocals create a mystical atmosphere.

The VARATHRON side includes the song “Shaytan” which moves closer to the sound of their latest album “Patriarchs Of Evil” but, at the same time, looks into the past of the band and is one of the best songs they have ever written! In the track we come across a variety of fast, slow and mid tempo parts and there are also keys and melodies.

This great split travels us back to the 90’s and must be in the record collection of all Black metallers, as it is a historic moment for the Greek scene. The disk is released in 999 pieces, 222 in gold vinyl and 777 in black, so hurry up!

Nikos Manousis

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