Profanatica – Rotting Incarnation Of God

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 37:38
Label: Season Of Mist

PROFANATICA does not need any special recommendations, as they are a band, that for 30 years offer us their blasphemous Black Metal, true to underground spirit. They have created their own sound and have their unique identity as a band. Even if they are considered as one of  American Black Metal’s pioneers, ‘Rotting Incarnation of God’ is only their fifth complete album because from 1991 until 1999( when the band broke up) ,they released only splits and demos. In 2001 Paul Ledney, who is now the only original member, reforms the band and in 2007 they finally released their first album entitled ‘Profanatitas De Domonatia’.

PROFANATICA in ‘ Rotting inflation of God’ are no different from their previous releases. Black / Death Metal riffs, in some moments reminding me of early INCANTANTION,  rotten atmosphere like AUTOPSY, fast parts with furious , but unfortunately quite monotonous, drums and slower parts with a doom atmosphere. Notable is the re-recording of “Broken Jew”, which was released as a single 17 years ago. Lyrically, the band, as with its sound which is not original, continues in its blasphemous anti-christian style with graphic titles such as ‘Sacramental Cum’, ‘Mocked, scoured and Shit Upon’, ‘Tithing Cunt’ etc. making the album the perfect gift for Christmas. As far as the production of the album is concerned, it is more straightforward than their previous releases, with Ledney’s drums and vocals being in the front raw.

‘Rotting Incarnation of God’ is a good example of American Black Metal, without offering us anything new. It continues, from where PROFANATICA’s previous work, the EP “Altar of the Virgin” in 2018, stopped. The truth is that we don’t have many expectations from PROFANATICA anymore and we do not expect their releases to redefine the Black Metal sound. They have their own infernal sound  for 30 years and they are marching on their own lonely road, like DARKTHRONE, they’re stubborn and we love them for that. This album will satisfy all PROFANATICA and extreme sound fans.

Rating: 6,5/10

Nikos Manousis

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