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(Season Of Mist)
Total Playing Time: 43:36

The return of ROTTING CHRIST three years after ‘’Rituals’’ is a fact. With ‘’The Heretics’’, the black metal legends from Athens reach the number 13 in their discography. Sakis Tolis and his ‘’gang’’ are releasing a very interesting album that draws various elements from all of their musical endeavors throughout their career, focusing heavily on the atmosphere which matches the album cover perfectly. This focus comes to life with the use of the orchestra and the choir which may turn-off some of the hardcore fans of the early years of the band.

From the first song the aura of the album is established, which will be apparent throughout the whole album. Gospel vocals , orchestra, riffs, drums! Tracks like ‘’Fire God And Fear’’, ‘’Heaven & Hell & Fire’’, ‘’The New Messiah’’, are classic RC hits, made with their classic ‘’recipe’’. On the other hand ‘’Vetry Zlye’’ with its nice melodies, a folk vibe and with a guest performance by Irina Zybina, perhaps makes up for the best song of the album. Unfortunately the rest of the tracks focus more on the orchestral and on the choir section having a lack on the guitar aspect. Lastly, the bonus track ‘’The Sons Of Hell’’ should have been included in the album normally and not as a bonus track.

In conclusion, ROTTING CHRIST with their 13th release, take us in musical landscapes of the past while keeping the identity they have forged in their recent releases, and offer us an album worthy of their fame, nevertheless without being impressing.

Panagiotis Koreas

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