RAGE BEHIND released music video for new single “Through Wrath”.

You are currently viewing RAGE BEHIND released music video for new single “Through Wrath”.

On July 15th, French Power Groove outfit RAGE BEHIND, have released their newest song along with an official music video, through Atomic Fire Records. The chorus hits the listeners with catchy melodies along with mid-tempo riffs and a hardcore break. ” ‘Through Wrath’ is a song that we love because it’s brutal but groovy, it’s raw, and you can hear all this energy until the end. It’s a song that talks about the unity we need to reach to succeed. We are always stronger together,” states the band. RAGE BEHIND might be holding behind the mask, but they always deliver the message!

RAGE BEHIND comments about the making of the music video for “Through Wrath”: “We worked with pyros to simulate bullet holes, and Ed (drums) got burnt pretty badly. He ended up in the emergency room, we almost canceled the filming of the video, but somehow, we managed to make it. He got the strength to make it through the end of the day despite his injury. ‘Through Wrath and Pain’, that’s what is all about.”

RAGE BEHIND is an alliance of musicians from the suburbs of Paris that combines forces to defend the legacy of modern groove and thrash metal titans and spread a call to fight in a world of ever-growing disgrace. The band aggregates the precision of SLAYER and the groove of acts like MACHINE HEAD or LAMB OF GOD. Their heart is fueled by passion, rage and ambition.

You can watch the official video for “Through Wrath” below:

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