Progressive metallers FADING ECHOES release their first single “Acceptance” featuring Zak Stevens!

Originating from the city of Volos in central Greece, FADING ECHOES released their first single, «The Stages of Grief: Part V – Acceptance» from their album «Shadow Of Another» that will be released in the following months. The band was created in 2019 and what characterizes their members is the passion for music that comes straight from their soul.

FADING ECHOES is a collaboration of some fine musicians, with Dimitris Stratikis in voice and bass, Vasilis Sarou in piano and keyboards and Petros Printezis in guitars. Guest musicians were Dimitris Politis in guitars and the drummer Nikos Velentzas.

FADING ECHOES has completed the production of their debut album, “Shadow of Another.” The theme of the album is melancholic and gloom, aiming to evoke powerful emotions in the listener. The strong points of this album lie in the compositions, orchestration, and lyrics. The band has approached songwriting in an unusual way, crafting each track to evolve like stories read from a book. And stories they are. Five of the songs make up the pentalogy “The Stages of Grief,” with each step being “Denial,” “Anger,” “Bargaining,” “Depression,” and “Acceptance.” The album promises to deliver a unique and immersive musical experience, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of emotion through the artistry of FADING ECHOES.

The band presents two very strong collaborations, with Zak Stevens (SAVATAGE, TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) in “Acceptance” and with George Constantine Kratsas who took over the mixing and mastering of the album.

In THE GALLERY we had the pleasure and honor to interview for the first time ever FADING ECHOES so in the next few days we will have the chance to learn more information from Dimitris Stratikis, founder of FADING ECHOES.

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