Order Of The Ebon Hand – VII The Chariot

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(Satanath Records)

Total Time: 43:38

This is the third full length album for the Greek Black Metallers ORDER OF THE EBON HAND, after 14 years (they’ve released two split during those years of absence). With a completely renewed lineup finding Baron Bonisagus on bass, Deimos on drums and Kalma on keyboards, the band shows that it is in great shape as the new members have added something special to the final result. The album includes eight songs of Black Metal, which are quite good!

What makes “VII The Chariot” differ from the band’s previous works is the overall atmosphere. Throughout the album there is a mystical atmosphere that haunts you. There is a perfect balance between melody, emotion and extreme elements. Phlaigon has made a great guitar work in all the songs and the performance of Merkaal on vocals is amazing. The whole album is a mix of different Black Metal styles. There is the classic raw sound of the genre combined with melodies and atmospheric parts. Also, in the amazing song “Sabnock” Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST) sings as a guest!

ORDER OF THE EBON HAND are back, refreshed and stronger than ever, giving us the best record of their career so far! Occult atmosphere, violent guitar riffs and dark melodies, is the perfect combination for a wonderful Black Metal album. It’s time for the band to gain back the lost time of this long absence, as it has a lot more to offer….

Rating: 8/10

Manousis Nikos

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