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Year: 2023
Total Time: 52.02
Label: WormHoleDeath

The brand-new album of DISILLUSIVE PLAY was released last June from the Italian label WormHoleDeath. The production is from Dimitris Katsaros from Underground Studios and mixing from Bob Katsionis. I had the opportunity to listen to the album in a press presentation a week before its official release.

I have to admit that the evolution of the band from their first full length album to this one is impressive. “Songs For The Non -Existent” is more musically diverse with heavy metal, hard rock and progressive metal elements. Also, it is much heavier than “Open Arms” (2018) and takes full advantage of the amazing voice of Antigoni Kalamara who does not have the typical voice of a female-fronted band’s singer. Her deep voice with the enchanting tone fits perfectly with the 11 songs of the album. Iliana Tsakiraki (ENEMY OF REALITY) with her backing vocals and Marios Karanastasis (THE SILENT WEDDING) in a duet increase even more the quality of the album.

First song of the album is “Enough” (lyrics/music by Antigoni Kalamara) with a melodic intro, the addictive refrain and the tough lyrics about the situation in modern society. More or less the same with the song “Why” (lyrics/music by Antigoni Kalamara) about social injustice. It is heavier that “Enough” with an amazing guitar solo after 2 minutes. “Sisyphus” (lyrics Michalis Mitilinis / music: Dimitrs Knikos) reminds me of WITHIN TEMPTATION style and is characterized by its speedy refrain. It talks about the story of Sisyphus who tried to deceive the Gods and was punished for this. Next one is “Life’s Scar” (lyrics Michalis Mitilinis / music: Dimitrs Knikos) with one more catchy refrain and growl vocals. I also loved the instrumental part after 2.5 minutes. “The Dreamer” (lyrics/music by Dimitris Knikos) follows the same pattern with a melodic intro and is getting harder by the second. It carries an old school aura and uses the full extent of Antigoni’s voice. After the dreamer we meet a guy who always wants to please the other in expense of his own mental health. “Make Them All Feel Good” (lyrics Michalis Mitilinis / music: Dimitrs Knikos) gives us some good guitar playing and distinctive keyboard playing.

The necessary ballad comes next. “Love Or Fear” (lyrics/music by Antigoni Kalamara) helps us slow down and speak some hard truths about a love that has ended but keeps torturing our hero. The highlight of this song is the voice of Antigoni that brings out an amazing sentiment. “Parallel Lives (A Song For The Non-Existent)” (lyrics Michalis Mitilinis / music: Dimitrs Knikos) is one of my favorite songs since Marios Karanastasis, one of the best male voices in Greek metal music, participates. He takes the lead with his warm voice and especially the refrain is breathtaking. Also, in the background we hear the enchanting voice of Iliana. We surrender….!! Towards the end of the album we come across “Queen Of The Night” (lyrics/music by Dimitris Knikos), which is also the first video clip from this album. To be honest I don’t think it’s the best song of the album but with the catchy rhythm, the modern aura and the tough theme it was an obvious choice for introducing it to their fans. After that, It starts raining and the distorted voice of Antigoni brings us to “Demon’s Glove” (lyrics/music by Antigoni Kalamara) that speaks about a demon who personify the grief and sorrow. Gothic atmosphere and dark aesthetic makes it unique. Last but not least, comes the redemption in the form of the most light and optimistic song of the album, “We Will Rise (…Any Day Now)” (lyrics/music by Dimitris Knikos).

“Song For The Non-Existent” is an album in which every song really matters. Musically or lyrically. Music can be a vehicle that the artists can drive anywhere they want and transport their message. DISILLUSIVE PLAY decided to talk plain and simple about some issues that torment out society, no matter how tough they are but at the end they declare emphatically their optimistic view that if we fight we may rise like a phoenix!

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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