OBSIDIOUS release full band play-through video for new single “Devotion”.

You are currently viewing OBSIDIOUS release full band play-through video for new single “Devotion”.

Modern Technical Prog act OBSIDIOUS, has released new single “Devotion”, along with a full band play-through video. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album “Iconic”, due for release on October 28th via Season Of Mist.

OBSIDIOUS comments: “This song is about cults, basing the story on one of the most controversial cases of the late 1970s. In this song there are two distinct voices that reflect the character of each of the protagonists: the raspy voice of the cult leader and the melodic, desperate voice of the follower trying to flee the place.”

In April 2020, guitarist Rafael Trujillo, bassist Linus Klausenitzer and drummer Sebastian Lanser decided to move on from their former band OBSCURA to continue their musical path with the completely new band OBSIDIOUS. Free from former boundaries, OBSIDIOUS merge Extreme Metal with other genres of music into a unique style that people will somehow find familiar, but haven‘t heard yet. Together with their singer, Javi Perera, they set out to create a musical evolution: With a fresh name, reaching for new fan groups utilizing modern marketing ideas. OBSIDIOUS’ band members have many facets and influences to build upon, using virtuosity & technique to write great songs.

OBSIDIOUS’ music consists of modern riffs, strong decisive energetic melodies, virtuosity and epic unison lines. They love music that’s heavy, catchy, fast, and wild.

“Iconic” track listing:

  1. Under Black Skies
  2. Sense of Lust
  3. Iconic
  4. Bound by Fire
  5. Iron & Dust
  6. I Am
  7. Delusion
  8. Devotion
  9. Nowhere
  10. Lake of Afterlife

You can watch the play-through video for “Devotion” below:

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