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Year: 2023
Total Time: 44:57
Label: Relapse Records

OBITUARY, a heavy name in the Metal music industry. A band that needs no any introduction as we are speaking for one of the biggest Death Metal bands of all times which stands out for the unique vocals by John Tardy. A band that has not been recognized in full for its contribution in Death Metal but also a band that unjustified itself as, on 1997 and after the release of the controversial album “Back From The Dead,” announced its split-up. Truth is that the situation at that time was not the best for the Death Metal scene, as it had begun a dowfall. In addition, OBITUARY started to include hardcore elements in their music, something that began on the album “World Demise” and this had as a result the audience to turn its back to the band. In 2003 they were reunited and in 2005 they released the album “Frozen In Time”, which passed by, as it was not something memorable. However, OBITUARY were not deterred as the fans supported them and, despite the lineup changes, they continued to release some notable albums and tour with success. So, we are arriving at 2023, with a lineup that apart from the three original members (John, Donald Tardy and Trevor Peres), includes the mighty Terry Butler (INHUMAN CONDITION, ex- DEATH, ex-MASSACRE) on bass and Kenny Andrews on guitar, OBITUARY are screaming that they are stronger than ever, releasing their eleventh full-length album entitled “Dying of Everything”.

OBITUARY’s new record starts with “Barely Alive”, a very fast and raw song which gives the outset for the Death Metal attack that is going to follow. This is one of the band’s wildest compositions so far, that’s for sure! We should mention that this song and the title track are the only ones that use fast tempos, as the rest songs are moving in mid-tempo rhythms. Fast songs were and are a minority in OBITUARY’s discography, as the band’s trademark characteristics are the destructive groove and the Death Metal riffs, mostly inspired by the mighty CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER. High quality Death Metal which drives the senses and the listener’s body into a restless headbnaging, creating a violent moshpit in the brain. John Tardy sounds reborn with his performance being absolutely perfect. Also, the rhythm section of Terry Butler and Donald Tardy builts the foundation for huge aggressive rhythms and a dynamic sound of the album.

Songs such as “Without a Conscience” with an destructive breakdown in the middle, “War”, “Weaponize The Hate” and the title track among others, remind us the importance of OBITUARY in the Death Metal scene, even after 30 years of existence. The album has an old school feeling that take us back to their first three albums and probably this happened due to the band’s live streamings, during them coronavirus period, in which they presented their first three albums. So, it seems that this musical journey in their past has been able to motivate OBITUARY and present us finally an amazing release.

Responsible for the production is Joe Cincotta, who has done an amazing job in the mix, giving the album a clean and huge sound. Of course with the amazing mixing he did in the band’s recent live albums, “Cause of Death – Live Infection” and “Slowly We Rot – Live & Rotting”, I don’t think there was even a small possibility the band would choose another producer for the new album. Regarding the artwork, which is quite different from what OBITUARY had used us so far, is a creation by the famous Polish artist Mariusz Lewandowski (BELLWITCH, ATLANTEAN KODEX, LORNA SHORE) who unfortunately died in July 2022. This cover is one of his last creations.

With their new album, OBITUARY continue to climb music quality steps from the “Frozen Time” era to the present, offering us an exceptional record-breaking violent creation. I would say that “Dying of Everything” exploded like a bomb as I did not expect to present us something more qualitative than the self-titled excellent album of 2017. In the recent years, good records are released, but they cannot not easily impress us. This album can be described as the best from their reunion and after. It is quite realistic and valid to claim that the Americans are offering us their best album since the time of “The End Complete”. OBITUARY prove with their new album that they are in great shape, offering us one of the best Death Metal releases for 2023 and add a diamond for their discography!

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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    Μάλλον αυτή η πάστα δισκοκριτικη θα έχει δισκάρες και εδώ μόλις το άκουσα το λιγότερο με το στόμα ανοιχτό.δεν υπάρχει αγαπημένο κομμάτι αλλά υπάρχει αυτό που λέμε το ένα καλύτερο από το άλλο. Ξέρει η μπάντα κ η παρέα του tardy να μην απογοητεύει. Θέτει σοβαρή υποψηφιότητα για την δωδεκάδα του 23. Με το σπαθί τους αναγέννηση βλέπω βίαια κομμάτια. Να μοιραστώ μαζί σας ότι έχω φτάσει χωρίς υπερβολή στην 200στη ακρόαση. Αυτό σημαίνει η πάει κάτι καλά σε αυτή την μπάντα.

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