Kriegsmaschine – Apocalypticists

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(No Solace)

Total Playing Time: 50:17

“A journey into the beating heart of polish black metal”. This is what this album stands for. Four years have passed since KRIEGSMACHINE’S last album and the comeback was overwhelming! It’s the third full-length record of the band and the most experimental one.

Hypnotic atmospheres drive this album with a sense of cold and evil feeling. The drumming here is just outstanding! Groovy and technical rhythms with a dark touch just exactly how I like it. Oh hell the whole album is a tribute to Darkside’s drumming who is a machine behind the kit. No crazy blast beats needed to make a difference and Darkside shows his skills here with amazing cymbal patterns. Guitars and bass sets the flow of this record in a perfect harmony behind the shadows of the drums. M’s brutal and throaty yells give an extra bonus to the whole atmosphere.

Highlights: “Residual light”,”Apocalypticists” and “Lost In Liminal”.

Conclusion: this album is a masterpiece, a feast for the ears , a piece of art! “Apocalypticists” demands patience. It’s a 50 minute drill into the brain, The best 50 minutes I’ve spent in a long time.

So..feel the power of the Darkside!

Dimitra Karyofilli

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