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BROOD OF HATRED, the Tunisian Progressive Death Metal project created by multi-instrumentalist Muhammed Mêlki, has released its new album, “The Golden Age”, on February 25th via Gruesome Records.

Mêlki comments: “This album is a milestone marking a personal transition with some new ideas that I will be developing more in the future. Through ‘The Golden Age’ I’m summarizing many emotional and musical patterns, but the journey is far from over yet. The previous Album ‘Identity Disorder’ that came out in 2018 was personally very demanding and intense and through this new release, I’m looking towards a fresh vision of sound.”

Artwork/Layout by Brown

The album features 8 songs of heavy, technical, blistering and emotional landscapes, merging Death Metal with Progressive textures. Regarding the album concept as far as music and lyrics go, as well as the cover art, “The Golden Age” is an album of musical and thematic growth. It develops a dark and cold atmosphere with elements of rhythmic play. The artwork reflects a parallel universe of post-apocalyptic revival.


  1. God Over Demons
  2. Self-Destruction
  3. Genesis
  4. Uncertainty
  5. The Golden Age
  6. The Mask Of Death
  7. The Uncarved Block
  8. Astral Projection

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