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(Peaceville Records)

Total Time: 45:32

MORTEM was created in 1987 by Marius Vold and Steinar Johnsen (the mastermind of ARCTURUS) and “Ravnsvart” is the Norwegian’s first full length after 30 years. The band had released only the demo “Slow Death” in 1989, produced by Euronymous and a graphically designed by Dead. MORTEM had a cult status all these years and the announcement of a new album was a huge pleasant suprise. MORTEM’s lineup apart from Marius Vold and Steinar Johnsen includes Seidemann (1349) on bass and the legendary Hellhammer on drums.

MORTEM in “Ravnsvart “has changed their sound compared to 1989 and their Death Metal “Slow Death” demo. The band plays now Black Metal with keyboards and clear production. From the opening song, by the use of keyboards, you realize immediately the strong influence of ARCTURUS and the “shadows” of early EMPEROR and DIMMU BORGIR in the album’s sound. This record starts with the great song “Ravnsvart” but after the 3-4 first songs, it starts losing its dynamic and drags into boredom. We hear guitar riffs and parts that we have heard in the past but in heavier forms from ARCTURUS. Also a little more raw production would be a plus for this album. Unluckily is too clear.

The truth is that I waited anxiously this release and even though I gave it several opportunities, I was tired by its repeatability .I had higher expectations from those musicians, especially when they are releasing their debut after 30 years! The album is simply a mediocre Black Metal album that will satisfy the fans of ARCTURUS. Those of you waiting (like me) from “Ravnsvart” to hear something close to the early Norwegian Black Metal sound of 90’s, I would recommend you to firstly listen to the “Slow Death” demo, which is an underground gem!

Rating: 5/10

Nikos Manousis

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