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Υear: 2019
Total Time: 47:22
Label: Century Media Records

Four years after the release of “Dead man’s path”, the time has come for a new album from the American historical death metal band. Many things happened to them the last few years, the worst one being the untimely death of the great Brett Hofmann, the original lead singer who was there at the bands most important moments, left a couple of times in the 90’s and returned for the last three albums. Unfortunately cancer took him away from his family and the scene lost one more great talent.

Something else we have to mention here is the radical lineup changes since the only remaining member now is Phil Fasciana (also on Hateplow) so actually we are dealing with a rather new band here with 30 years of history with lots of records and tons of lives and tours.

So, “The 13th Beast” as the titles says, it is the thirteen album of MALEVOLENT CREATION. From the first few seconds things start going wild with “End the torture” and we rest assured it is another extreme classic American death metal album we listen to. According to the info we got, most of the work was done by the new guitarist Lee Wollenschlaeger (also Throne of Nails) and (fortunately) not many things have changed to the result, still staying loyal to the roots from the beginning back in 1987. Continuous fast riffing, with influences on the lead parts from SLAYER, hyper speed drums and very good vocals, ok not so well done like Bret, but surely decent and fitting. The production is clear and strong, everything is mixed properly, there are no compromises, the listener will get what he wants and will probably be satisfied with the result, unless of course you are in the category of those who stay loyal only to the first records of the bands and original lineups. For you, unfortunately nothing can be done.

Top moments include “End the torture”, “Agony For The Chosen”, “Born Of Pain”(top!) and the last one “Release The Soul” which is a rather more mid-tempo track.
Unfortunately it is true that MALEVOLENT CREATION after the first three albums and maybe “Warkult” in 2004 are kind of stuck with records that are considered mediocre and thus they cannot be included in the Florida Death Metal Big 4 which obviously includes DEATH (of course), CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE and OBITUARY but they still remain a true, loyal, hardworking band that has left a good mark in the scene.

So, concluding about “The 13th Beast”, it is not the album that will change the 30 y/o history of the band, but it sure is a nice effort with some very good moments that deserves the attention of those still loyal.

Rate : 6.5/10

Antonis Livanios

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