The French MERRIMACK release new album entitled “Of Grace and Gravity”.

You are currently viewing The French MERRIMACK release new album entitled “Of Grace and Gravity”.

Embark on a descent into the netherworld on MERRIMACK’s latest revelation, ‘Of Grace and Gravity’, the ensemble’s 6th full-length album. A haunting symphony of cosmic dissonance will be breathed into existence on the 8th of March, 2024 on Season of Mist.

The ensemble presents the release of their first single, “Sulphurean Synods”. An aural journey where grotesque assemblies of roosters and goats languish at the foot of heavens. Wallowing guitars and hypnotized passages of blasting drums collide with gravity-bound atoms in oblivious collusion. MERRIMACK, in their enigmatic mastery, expose the futility of belief in occult ministries and slashes in the mask of the sky. The listener, questioned in their faith of the shadows and occult idols.

Here’s what MERRIMACK have to say about the release of their first single:

“Sulphurean Synods” is the opening track of our new album, ‘Of Grace and Gravity’: the two opposing forces crossing where the spine of the world emerges. Where one strives to reach the grace, the divine particle, while bounded by gravity and the weight of time. We have devoted ourselves to emphasize a more natural and authentic expression of our art, in its primitive form. For this song, D.G. (Misþyrming) has joined Vestal to mock the modern synods and their corrupted faith.”


1. Sulphurean Synods
2. Sublunar Despondency
3. Dead and Distant Clamors
4. Wounds that Heal
5. Starving Crowns
6. Under the Aimless Spheres
7. Embalmer’s Wine


You can see the official music video for the song “Sulphurean Synods” below:

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