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(Black Lion Records)

Total Time: 54:56

What can we say about KULL … 5 band members, 4 of them coming from BAL-SAGOTH, wanting to continue from when they stopped with Byron Roberts and the 5th (the singer), coming from DYSCAPHIA, a Death Metal band, nowadays split up. So let’s go to the album.

The album is called “Exile” and it contains 11 tracks of symphonic (or epic if you like) Black Metal, what we already know from BAL-SAGOTH. To me, this album goes on from where “Battle Magic” was, which I consider being their best album. Orchestras, riffing that will make you travel and a production that a fan expects. Overall a very promising album.

Maybe I am prejudiced. Maybe I listened to what I convinced myself that I would listen to. A lot of maybes. One thing is for sure. I am already waiting for the follow up to this one. Listen to it, then listen to it again and make your own assumptions. I just have to warn you. Get ready to be lost in different worlds, differents eras. If you have any appointments, better send a message and let everyone know that you will be late. Or better again… cancel them and re-arrange them for some other day!

Rating: 8.10

Nick “Yngve” Samios

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