KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH unleash new single “I Am The One”.

You are currently viewing KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH unleash new single “I Am The One”.

Helsinki-based Extreme Metal band KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH releases new single “I Am The One”. The band is known for their skills to combine massive sound walls to brutal extreme metal expression.

Band comments on the song: “ ´I Am The One´ is the continuation to KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH’s previous single, ´Eternal Sleep´. Filled by hate, the protagonist heads towards a final challenge, one he has never faced before. Only one will prevail. This fight won’t be over until it is won.”

Band’s drummer Konsta Vihavainen states: “When we started to write this song, the idea was to create a piece of music with a massive chorus as its centerpiece. Something that would instantly catch the listener’s attention. In addition, we wanted to explore soundscapes that our band hasn’t previously touched upon, and the result is a dynamic and massive extreme metal song. This track is truly a unique combination of haunting guitar melodies, beautiful orchestrals and lots of blast beats.”

KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH is a Finnish Extreme Metal band founded in early 2013. The band consists of drummer Konsta Vihavainen, guitarist Niko Lappalainen, bassist Joonas Peltonen and vocalist Markus Raito. KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH´s music combines elements from Symphonic Metal, Black Metal and Electronic Music, such as Synthwave, creating the band’s unique sound.

KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH released their first single, “In Death We Trust”, in December 2013, following their first EP “The First Chapter” in August 2014. Band kept evolving their sound to a darker direction and in 2015 released two singles, “The Bloodline” and “Deathbringer’. Their second EP, “Life/Death”, was released in September 2016. “Miserere Mei”, a single mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström, was released in November 2018. After that, KBTD released an EP, ‘Memoir’, on April 28th 2022. Their latest release, single ‘Eternal Sleep”, saw daylight on 5th of May 2023.

You can listen to “I Am The One” in the following video:

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