King Of Asgard – Svartrviðr

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Year: 2021
Total Time: 57:14
Label: Trollmusic

KING OF ASGARD carry more or less thirteen years of experience as band. Over the years, the Swedes have explored the mythology and heroes of their place, essentially dealing with the golden age of the Vikings and their deities, giving a pagan lyrical theme to their lyrics, but not necessarily so many “ethnic” elements at the music that accompanies them.

The musical style in which KING OF ASGARD moves is that of the melodic Death Metal, with touches of Black Metal which, from their previous album and the production of MARDUK’s Devo, seems to become more intense, adding all the darkness that accompanies this kind, but without depriving the band of the very well-written melodies that exist in each of it’s works.

Like its predecessor, “Taudr”, their new work under the name “Svartrviðr” brings out a greater maturity of the band, which maintains the same composition since 2017. The album is the longest in their career, something that also applies to the songs, since they all last eight or nine minutes. Lyrically, we will not find any surprises, they move in the same context as their previous works. Musically, the aforementioned additional darkness, creates an atmosphere that had already begun to fade from “Taudr” and here is in full swing, adding depth to their music and a really strong solidity.

The opener “Frôðr” starts with growls that have a war rhythm with clearer voices used during the choirs and the show by the Swedes continues in the same style and along the way. Some of the following songs bring the clear vocals to the forefront, with “Ammobiærg” being amazing in how it alternates between melodies and screams.

All in all, this new work by KING OF ASGARD is remarkable and dynamic, but towards the end of the album and especially at the last three songs, the inspiration is beginning to dry up, in comparison to the first part of the album.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Fanouris Exintavelonis
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