Katavasia – Magnus Venator

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Year: 2020
Total Time: 41:28
Label: Floga Records

KATAVASIA could be described as an all-star band of the Greek Black Metal scene as it is consisted of members from MELAS SELAS, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, AENAON and VARATHRON with Stefan Necroabyssious dominating the vocals. The band started its musical journey in 2015 with the debut album “Sacrilegious Testament”. In 2017 KATAVASIA released the EP “Daemonic Offering” and this year the band returns destroying everything in the Black Metal scene with this awesome second full length entitled  “Magnus Venator”. With this release, they manage to travel us back in time, to the golden age of the Greek Black Metal sound in the early 90’s.

“Magnus Venator” is a Black Metal album where the raw parts and melodies are perfectly balanced, creating an adventurous nostalgic dark sound that enchants the listener. The synths and the discreet ancient Greek folk elements have their own contribution to the mystical, occult atmosphere of the album, while in the solos the band reveals its classic Heavy Metal origins. The guitar riffs with the characteristic Greek Black Metal melody are highlighted throughout the album, building compositions that could be characterized as classic, having nothing to envy from the early era of ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON and NECROMANTIA. The crystal, clear production and the impressive old school cover dress up a great record from all sides.

KATAVASIA did not release just one of 2020’s best records, but “Magnus Venator” could easily be considered as one of the best releases in the Greek Black Metal scene during the recent years. The band pays respect to the sound of the past while, on the other hand, it adds some new elements and leaves its mark on the renewal of this sound. KATAVASIA returned very powerful, reminding to everyone the sound that was a guide that influenced countless bands worldwide and forced them to worship the Greek Black Metal scene again…

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Νίκος Μανούσης
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