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( Self – Released )
Total Time: 22:45

For many years DIZZINESS have made their presence in Black Metal as it’s one of the most active bands, with various releases at regular base. This year, they’ve released 2 EPs with the most recent “Cosmic Echoes”. As the band has stated, it is the most experimental of its career.

DIZZINESS is one of my favorite bands as I follow them for many years, so this statement at first “frightened” me, as I didn’t know what to expect. However, the band surprised me as it added to their Black Metal sound progressive elements, which fitted together with the character of the band. The result was chaotic and dark! These new elements have influences from DODHEIMSGARD, THORNS and recent MAYHEM. Also the vocals remind me the way Attila sings. Listen to the “Order Of Death” song and “travelled” with the song’s eldritch atmosphere, one of band’s greatest songs.

I think this band project is absolutely successful, as they take their sound one step ahead enriching it with new elements. They give us another remarkable release, like the previous ones we’ve been used to…


Nikos Manousis


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    Ευχαριστουμε πολυ για το ενδιαφερον και το review.

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