Korgonthurus – Kuolleestasyntynyt

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Date: 2020
Total Time: 38:20
Label: Woodcut Records

Finland always had its own, separate presence in the black metal scene with very remarkable bands in all aspects of the sound. BARATHRUM, ARCHGOAT, BEHERIT, IMPALED NAZARENE are the first pillars of the Finnish scene, which inevitably has been affected by the “explosion” and the following cataclysmic aura of the second wave of Black Metal from the neighbouring Norway. At the end of the ‘90s, HORNA and BEHEXEN stood out with their rough dark sound and blasphemous approach, while at the start of the ’00, SARGEIST and SATANIC WARMASTER establish their characteristic guitar melody as one of the integral elements of the Finnish Black Metal sound.

KORGONTHURUS first appeared in 2000 and represent the personal project of Corvus (Tapsa Kuusela) on vocals/guitars and Kryth (Mika Nieminen) on drums. From the start of their creation they came up with a number of problems with the stability of their lineup, as Kryth left twice in the past and Corvus stood behind HORNA’s microphone from 2002 until 2009 for, in my opinion their last notable releases, “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne” and “Sanojesi Äärelle”. They have managed to complete five Eps, 4 splits and 2 full length albums in a turbulent 20 year long course, with their first full LP “Marras” (which was re-released this year with improved production) in 2009 moving in more depressive and nature-loving paths with hypnotic melodies, while the rougher and more aggressive “Vuohen Siunaus” in 2016 had a more traditional form. I have to admit that both releases left me unimpressed and could be described as a typical Black metal sample (apart from Corvus’ raging vocals in “Vuohen Siunaus”) with limited expectations for something special in the future.

In March, and while I had no news about them for some time, I was taken aback not only by their unexpected re-appearance with “Kuolleestasyntynyt” (“Born From The Dead”), but also by the awesome and extremely epic album cover (designed by Roni Arling, also from Finland). But what surprised me most was that KORGONTHURUS managed to rise from the ashes of their problems and present at their third full length the most mature, sentimental and qualitative material so far. They combine the musical styles of “Marras” and “Vuohen Siunaus”, but at the same time enrich it with amazingly expressional guitar melodies and a more potent approach in the composition with many rhythmic variations, giving depth and density that they never had in the past. The depressive opening track and the aggressive “Tuhontuoja” (“Bringer Of Destruction”) are the triumphant doorstep to the journey with their seducing speed alterations and sentimental melodies, while Corvus’s passionate vocals with his serpent-like, desperate colour, veil the album from start to finish in tragicality. The majestic “Syyttäjäenkeli” (“Accuser/Prosecutor Angel”) reveal their most powerful face with every element of their sound present (even acoustic guitars), while “Riivattu” (“Possessed/Wretched”) is their most enraged and aggressive moment. In the atmospheric, almost ten minute long epilogue “Nox” (“Night”), one can easily distinguish some influences from MGLA at the start, before it ends in an ULVER-ish peaceful realm, concluding in a perfect way the best release of their 20 year long career.

KORGONTHURUS with “Kuolleestasyntynyt” have extinguished any doubts I had about them by performing highly inspired guitar work with solid compositions in one of the best melodic Black Metal specimens for this year and one of the most played albums, personally, for the first half of 2020. The tragic overwhelming feeling it resonates, makes it special to my ears, fact that is amplified slightly by the rumoured (but not confirmed) permanent disbanding of the band. I do not know if this is their swan song, but it definitely is their way to shout ALL HAIL KORGONTHURUS!!!

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Giorgos Kolivanos
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